The office of the U.B.C  is located in the Scottburgh library building in the main street of the town of Scottburgh. This office is provided courtesy of the Umdoni Municipality and is managed by our Administrative secretary who is on duty during normal office hours, Monday to Friday.
The business of the chamber is conducted by an Executive Committee which is elected at an annual general meeting. The executive committee members all serve on a purely voluntary basis and are representative of the diversity of the local economy. These committee members are drawn from the Tourism, Agricultural, Retail as well as the Manufacturing and Commercial sectors of the economy.
As a Business Chamber we strongly believe in the concept of ‘strength in numbers’ and it is here that we rely on the goodwill of our members. As individual businesses the powers of influence that we exert are extremely limited. If we stand together as a large representative group, the potential to influence events and decisions taken by the powers that be, becomes all the greater. For this reason the U.B.C. appeals to all businesses in our area, no matter how big or small, to join us - You can make a difference!


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