Umdoni Business Chamber


Welcome to the UBC

Welcome to the web site of the Umdoni Business Chamber (U.B.C.)

The primary aim of the chamber is the promotion of local economic development within the Umzinto magisterial district of Kwa Zulu Natal. As a business chamber we believe it is vital that a strong working relationship exists between the private and public sectors for the purpose of creating a vibrant local economy. Private enterprise needs the infrastructure upkeep and expansion which is the core function of the local government structures, whilst local government is to a large extent dependant on revenues derived via rates and taxes in order for it to perform all of its functions for the benefit of the local community. Ultimately, the only way that the rates and tax base can grow is if the private sector is able to grow and flourish. The two sectors are intimately dependant on one another and, at the risk of being melodramatic, will either flourish together or crash and burn together.



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